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Accutrak Rotary

The Re-Pack “Accutrak” Rotary labeling system is designed to handle a wide variety of product and label combinations.  The containers are transferred onto the labeling systems conveyor.  A gating device controls the infeed of the products to the timing screw.  From the timing screw the products are transferred through center guides into pucks mounted on the rotary table.  The pucks capture the bottom of the product while top hold down cones capture the top.  The rotation of the product while on the rotary base is controlled by internal cams.  A wide variety of tooling and cam packages are available to handle almost any labeling application.  The container is controlled as it passes the label applicators.  Once the product has been labeled, it is transferred to outfeed center guides and then to an outfeed conveyor.  With future versatility in mind, this machine has the ability to handle round, and square shaped containers.  With the installation of a wrap station, the system will apply full or partial wrap around labels. The rotary base has the ability to mount a spotting station and lugged pucks.  This will allow for product orienting should it ever be needed.

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