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Wrap Labeler w/o conveyor
    Robo Wrap Tube Labeling System

The label will be applied in a semi-automatic fashion.  The product will be placed (horizontally) onto a mandrel.  The mandrels are mounted to a starwheel that will rotate to the labeling station.  Once at the labeling station, a sensor will detect the product and activate the label applicator. As the label is dispensed, the tube will rotate at the same speed as the applicator.  The starwheel will then index, moving the labeled product from the labeling station to the tube removal area.  While at the removal station, the tube will be pulled off of the mandrel so that the process can be repeated.  A sensor at the removal station will not allow the system to cycle until the labeled product has been removed.  This process will continue each time a product is detected at the labeling station.