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Started in 1969 by Ed Carr, Scranton Label, Inc. is dedicated to providing quality labels of all shapes, sizes, and colors to our customers. With 50 years of business, we have the experience and adaptability required to meet your labeling needs.

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Digital Printing

The newest machine to our collection is a digital printing press! With the recent advances in digital print technology, Scranton Label, Inc. is on top of the printing industry with our digital press.

This press is ideal for small runs but high quality. The advantage of printing digitally is there is no need for a printing plate, which can reduce the turnaround time. Our digital press prints four (4) color process and we can add UV or Over Lamination to any label. It works in-line with our flexographic press where it lays down the ink, die cut, Over Laminate or UV, all in one pass through the press.

This method is ideal if you have a variety of different products, as we can easily switch from one product to the next, saving you money and supplying a superior product. If you’re looking for just a few thousand labels, digital printing may be for you!

Flexographic Printing

Flexographic (Flexo) printing is a type of rotary in-line printing method using a polymer printing plate and is our primary printing process. This means we can lay down ink, die cut, laminate or UV, directly onto the stock as it passes through the press at a high speed. With our Flexo presses we can provide large orders with short lead times, but still be efficient enough to produce short runs with great accuracy.

These presses can print on a wide variety of stock such as paper, vinyl, polypropylene, foil, mylar, Tyvek, thermal transfer, thermal direct, and more. We can print full color pictures but can also run blanks or a solid flood color with the highest precision.

Additionally, we can print single or double sided, with or without consecutive numbering, and in rolls or fan-folded. Whether you’re looking to run 1,000 labels or 10,000,000 labels, Scranton Label, Inc. can assist you in making your Flexographic labels stand out above the rest.


Scranton Label, Inc. can offer a bright profitable label for any newspaper. These labels are repositionable notes for front page advertising to provide you a new income system. NewsNotes® advertising generates full page revenues for your newspapers with a 3x3, 3 x 2 ¾ and special shape labels.

NewsNotes® labels call attention to promotions, allow advertisers to place their message in a prominent location, and create a message that stands out in a crowd. The label can then be removed and reapplied again for a ready reference.

NewsNotes® labels are available in Gloss White or Plain Yellow as standard in a traditional linered stock and can be auto-applied with a variety of applicating equipment. NewsNotes® are perfect for coupons or special offers, special events, or even public service announcements.

View the NewsNotes® Templates Here

Pharmaceutical Labels

Under our Pharmacy Division, Hanover Label & Packaging, Inc. we can run a variety of different independent pharmacy, hospital and nursing home labels. We can produce your pharmacy labels on rolls or sheets, and even produce sheets that are part laser and part bond.

We can even print 4 colors plus 1 color back print. Additionally, we have a variety of dies available to meet the up-to-date pharmacy equipment, to produce quality labels.

Underwriter Laboratories

UL (Underwriter Laboratories) is an organization that has been around for more than 100 years. They are the world leader in product safety testing and certification.

Do you need a label with the UL logo on it? Scranton Label, Inc. is an authorized printer for Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Authorized to print UL Certification Marks, UL Listing Marks, UL Classified and Recognized logos.

Universal Product Code

Scranton Label, Inc. can print UPC’s directly on your product label. UPC, or Universal Product Code, is a barcode symbology that is widely used for tracking trade items in stores. There are many different kinds, such as UPC-A (retail), Bookland EAN and ISBN (book industry), Interleaved 2 of 5 (distribution/warehousing), Shipping Container Code [UCC14], (case code/carton label), and Code 3 of 9 [Code 39] (internal warehouse product code).

Not sure what UPC you need on your product? No problem! Our customer service representatives will be happy to help you out and steer you towards the right UPC.

Specialty Labels

Labels with unique shapes make your products distinctive. Goods are individual, but many brands still stick with what has worked for them over the years. A rectangle, square or circle is classic, but may not differentiate you much from competitors. Why not branch out with a specialty shaped label?

There are a multitude of different shapes to choose from or you can create your own. We have a wide selection of colors so you can truly create a label that reflects the values of your company. By selecting a shape that works well with the design of your product, you can increase the visibility of your products and let your creativity shine. Once consumers are in the store, you don't have a lot of time to impress them. Make sure your packaging is eye-catching.

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